George Bruce
John Bellany
Elizabeth Blackadder
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ISBN 978-0-9543961-1-4
Price: £9.99

This volume began life as a new collection of poems. Sadly due to the death of its author, the poet George Bruce, in 2002, it was transformed into a collection of final and uncollected poems.

The book begins with a number of poems written especially for the artist John Bellany - one of these is the title poem ‘The Singing of the Foxes’. It also includes a number of poems ranging from ‘Witch’ written in 1933 to a small poem ‘Cup of Tea’ written a few days before Bruce died in July 2002. There is also a selection of enjoyable poems for children, ‘The Goodbye Song’, ‘Catherine in Russia’, ‘Children’s Christmas Party’ and the delightful ‘Picture Book Frog’ – versions of this in Scots and English. Other poems reflect Bruce’s love for Scotland, such as ‘Saltire in the Wind’; and his travels - ‘Icicle Shower on Ohio Campus’, ‘Cliff Top Restaurant – Italy’ and ‘Mayakovsky Monument’– a reminder of his visit to Russia.

It was an honour when, despite the death of Bruce, the artist John Bellany agreed to illustrate this book. Bellany and Bruce had worked together on a number of projects and evidence of this is demonstrated in the Bellany prints, paintings and photographs illustrating the book. The cover image was painted by John Bellany especially for The Singing of the Foxes.
Also included are portraits and sketches by John Bellany, James Cumming, Colin Dunbar and Norman McBeath.